In Quino Prades studio, we offer a comprehensive service in the design and implementation of interior decoration projects, both in commercial premises, as well as in homes, restaurants, showrooms and stands.

Our work covers all phases of the process, from the initial conception of the project to its final implementation.

We carry out all the necessary steps, both creative and technical, as well as bureaucratic. We always offer the most appropriate solution to each case, environment and circumstance, with the best guarantees of professionalism, quality and diligence.


To implement our activity, we have a team of professionals from different fields in design and architecture with wide and diverse professional careers. This guarantees the development and execution of projects that combine quality, efficiency and good taste.

Our goal is to fully satisfy the needs and proposals of our clients, who are always informed and involved in the entire process.

The values that drive and inspire us are creativity, functionality and versatility.

Quino Prades.

Castellón -1977.

I study Interior Design and Ephemeral Architecture at the Higher School of Design in Madrid and, after graduating, I begin my professional career working for different design studios as well as furniture and decoration stores in that city.

These first experiences allow me to develop and strengthen my training, providing me with some of the traits that have defined me as a professional since then: versatility and creativity.

Furthermore, during these years, I specialize in different fields, such as window dressing and visual merchandising, which still today constitute an important part of my activity.

I establish my studio in 2004, in Madrid, and in 2009, I move to Valencia, where I continue with  my business activity.Throughout all this time, I manage a large number of interior design projects in homes, restaurants, shops, stands, showrooms, hotels, etc.

Moreover, my versatility is reflected in other activities that I also perform, such as window dressing, creator of ephemeral spaces and product designer for companies in the interior design sector.

The year 2018 marks another important milestone in my career, since I begin to teach window dressing and visual merchandising to employees of companies in the textile sector; activity I combine with the rest of my projects. Teaching is especially satisfying, as it allows me to share my knowledge and passion for our profession.